About Maria’s Boutique Rooms

About Maria's Boutique Rooms

Maria’s Boutique Rooms are located in the village of Ancient Corinth, known from the ancient times.

Ancient Corinth has culture influences from many different civilizations and so is our Boutique Rooms.

Visiting our rooms you will feel all these culture spots of ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Frank, Venice occupation and Ottoman Empire.

We provide all amenities needed to ensure your vacation with us will be unforgetable.

Six of the most beautiful rooms in ancient Corinth are waiting for you to book.

Art Deco

A few words

All rooms are brand new and have unique details and interior design. Staying in Maria’s Boutique Rooms is a way of getting to know the greek way of relaxing and enjoying culture and nature. All rooms have a unique view to the sea or the Castle and some have view to both.

All rooms have a WC, shower, main bedroom, balcony with a view and are 2 minutes walking from the center of the village. Walking through the ancient buildings is breathtaking as its travelling your fantasy even further in time.

You only need to bring you luggage with your clothes and a nice mood. We provide your staying with many amenities such us WiFi, TV, Air Condition, Mini Bar, Coffee Machine, Boiler, Ironing system, refrigerator and a money Safe.

During your Booking, ask for your transfer from/to the airport. We can also arrange for you a trip plan including the most interesting sightseeings nearby, eliminating the risk of spare roadtrips.